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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our well-trained garage door contractors are experienced with all types of mechanisms and offer  Emergency Services.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

We are also well-equipped and promise excellent same day and Garage Door Repair Services for all residential and commercial clients.

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Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Garage Doors vary in terms of systems, materials and size in order to serve the demands of different residences and businesses.

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Exceptional services by an experienced garage door contractor

Got a question regarding your garage doors at home? Refer here for thorough and expert answers. Use the following answers to your advantage! They can be very useful when you are dealing with garage door problems and in need of clarifications!

Can I lock my garage door while I am away for a few days' vacation?

Garage Door Repair Everett states that garage doors can be locked manually in no time. Generally, garage doors have a side bolt lock, although this option is also available for purchase at the local stores near you. Just always remember to unlock the bolt when you want to operate the garage door opener manually or with a remote to avoid unnecessary damage.

Can I fix the garage door by myself?

You may try to fix the garage door by yourself, but if you think there is a problem, Garage Door Repair Everett experts suggest asking for help. Because your garage door is one huge moving item in your premises, you can expect a lot of mechanical works inside that’s working under excessive tension. This is something that a trained specialist can assist you with.

Is it normal for a garage door to hang while opening?

It is normal for your door to hang about four to six inches while in the process of opening. This action is necessary in helping to keep the tension on the cable so that it will not be separated from the pulley or the cable drum. If you have a door that operates using an electric garage door opener, this can be set up so that the door is pulled completely while it is opening. This is ideal if you need additional clearance for your car.

How do I measure rollers?

It's good to remember that garage door rollers must be chosen in accordance with the door's weight. So, if nothing has changed in the door and the weight is the same, just measure the diameter of the roller but also the length of the stem. Some might also have a label with the size adhered on them.

Are there differences among glass doors?

The differences among glass garage doors are usually centered on the type of the door – although most of them are overhead doors – and the choice of glass, frames and design. You can select clear glass but also milk glass. You can have windows or choose not to. You might have wood or aluminum frames.

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